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         Who’s In Charge?


Do you feel like your life is out of control? Is your life a major stress out? Do you feel like things are closing in on you? Maybe you’ve lost your job or are about to lose your job. Maybe someone you love is sick or your kids are having problems.

If you have a business perhaps your workers are showing signs of being stressed to the max.

If you need something just for you or for your company I can help!

I have worked with people for over 35 years in incredibly difficult situations ranging from high pressure jobs to terminal illnesses and I have helped people in those situations and I have learned from them.

I have some thoughts and ideas that I know can help you. I can’t save you or make it all better. I can help you or your workers find a way out of the mess.

Scott was extremely entertaining, was able to deliver a message everyone related to, and did it with a sense of humor that kept everyone laughing. Carol Pybus, Ford Customer Service Division

If you are looking for ideas to take back charge of your life I can help. It isn’t because I am so smart. It’s because I have witnessed people taking charge when everything was falling apart and I have been part of that process with them.

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Here is a free app that I put together that you can put on your mobile device that will give you some ideas, inspiration, links, book titles, videos, music and other things to help you deal with your life more effectively. Some of the chapters are designed to help you rethink your approach to things like stress and dealing with difficult situations and maximizing your appreciation of life. One of the chapters - Thoughts - has a variety of inspirational quotes from various people. There is a link to my video “Why Crawl When You Can Soar” which combines 15 original musical pieces and me speaking on different issues. Take a look at it. Download it. Remember - It’s * FREE * If you like it tell your friends.

A short video excerpt can be found on You tube at  If you want a humorous speaker with a lot of good content call Scott at 314-825-2543