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New Book - If you can't handle the small stuff, the big stuff will bury you.

Is "managing your stress" the ticket to coping with life's setbacks and finding a joyful life? Dr. Scott Sheperd doesn't think so. In fact he thinks that way of looking at stress hinders us in coping with life in general and with crises in particular. For over fifty years Scott has worked with people dealing with everyday life as well as major crises such as having a child murdered, someone having Cancer or AIDS as well as many others.

In this book Dr. Sheperd will show you how stress is a messed up concept that basically gives the power in life to other people and events. Using stories from Victor Frankl, a psychiatrist and a Holocaust survivor and James Stockdale a long held POW in Vietnam, as well as his own experiences,  Dr. Sheperd shows us how we have more power than we think. More importantly he shows us how to find and access this power and use it effectively to not only deal with the problems that arise in life but to create a life that has joy and wonder in it. 

Dr. Sheperd has had 6 books published and did a six part series on Public Television called "Who's In Charge?" He has spoken all over the U.S. and Canada.

In addition to the e-book you get a FREE audio version narrated by Dr. Sheperd and a FREE original Jazz CD composed by Scott that will soothe your soul and lighten your load. A $40 value for $10.  If you want to hear one of the songs, here is a link to you tube . To get the 3 for 1 bargain, click on