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Is Life Driving You Crazy???

Why Don’t You Take the Keys Back? It’s Your Car!!!!

Is Life Driving You Crazy??? Why Don’t You Take the Keys Back? It’s Your Car!!!

Is life driving you crazy?

How many times have you heard people say that so and so is making them so mad, or that such and such a situation has driven them into the ground or that life itself is driving them crazy. It's common. We think like victims. We think stress is something that exists like a roof. "I'm under a  lot of stress." We're waiting for good things to happen so we can feel better. "As soon as I win the lotto things will be good."

Dr. Scott Sheperd thinks this way of thinking in which we give the power in life to other people and events is messed up and keeps us in a victim/reactive mode for our entire lives. He uses stories from Victor Frankl, a psychiatrist, Holocaust survivor and author of “Man’s Search For Meaning,” James Stockdale, a long held POW in Vietnam, and Vice Presidential  candidate, as well as his own experiences which cover close to 50 years of working with people. His experiences deal with everything from both everyday life problems to really big ones like having a child murdered or dealing with Cancer and AIDS and substance abuse.

Dr. Sheperd challenges the way most of us think about stress and personal power. He reminds us that if someone is driving us crazy, it's because we have given him or her the keys to our life. He not only suggests quitting that, he gives ideas on how to quit it.

He also points out that helplessness and hopelessness are not just different words for the same thing. Helplessness is a fact of life. We are helpless in many things concerning life. Hopelessness is an attitude, a state of mind. We have a great deal of control over that. The quicker we understand that, the quicker we start taking control of how we look at ourselves, our lives, and how we deal with what life hands us. It is an empowering book that believes in hope but recognizes how we have to get involved in our own lives

Is Life Driving You Crazy??? Why Don’t You Take the Keys Back? It’s Your Car!!!

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I will live today

I Will Live Today is a book of affirmations for strength and healing for people who are coping with serious illnesses. This book was a follow up to an earlier book Judy and Scott did called “Cancer and Hope - Charting a Survival Course”, redone as “The Healing Journey,” focusing on any serious illness. (See the page for this book.) One of the authors. Judy,  was given 6 months to live 40 years ago and defied the odds. She and Scott ran a group for people dealing with serious illnessess at Flower Hospital in Toledo, Ohio. Both Scott and Judy have worked with many individuals as they deal with life threatening illnesses and injuries. Scott also did some work with people dealing with AIDS early on during the epidemic.

I Will Live Today

The healing journey

This book was originally called “Cancer and Hope - Charting a Survival Course.” With a few tweaks it was written as a book for any life threatening illness or injury for that matter. It is presented as a guide to a journey but not a journey through another country, but a journey through a frightening physical illness. There are specific ideas given to help the person taking this journey to cope with perilous situations, and to rediscover their strengths that are critical to get through this journey.


Who’s In Charge? Attacking the Stress Myth e-book

Finally! A book that challenges the very underpinnings of how we look at stress, power and personal responsibility.

Praise for Who’s In Charge?----

“Who’s In Charge? Attacking the Stress Myth From The Workplace To The Homefront” by Dr. Scott Sheperd is a useful and ‘user friendly’ how-to-guide to reducing personal stress levels. Rejecting the notion that stress comes from outside, Who’s In Charge? focuses on how to control personal reactions so as not to become stressed from within. A wealth of tips, tricks, and techniques for making the most of emotional inner power and reaping the consequent benefits abound in this positive and highly recommended self-help guide to better mental health.”

-------- Midwest Book Review

(4 Stars)  We bring meaning to the events in our lives. . .

“That’s the core message - and starting point - of Scott Sheperd’s book attacking what he calls the ‘stress myth,’ the popular belief that stress is some mysterious force that we cannot control, only manage. Sheperd refuses to buy into that theory and quickly shows how absurd most modern conceptions of stress really are. In a no-bull, plain-speaking style, he show readers how they can overcome the sense of overwhelm and frustration that ‘stress’ creates. His ideas are not the mere pie-in-the-sky, think-positive-and-it’s-all-good ideas, but truly useful approaches that anyone can use to enjoy life more each and every day One of the best self-help gems out there. Who’s In Charge? is a must-read for those seeking sane, sensible ideas to conquer the stress and control their own lives.”

 ----------   Jim Allen, The ‘Big Idea’ Coach


Praise for Dr. Scott Sheperd

“Scott Sheperd is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I know when it comes to human interactions and what it takes to be successful in today’s workplace.”

Steve Grafton, Executive Director Alumni Association, University of Michigan

“Scott Sheperd has the ability to give people something they can use both at work and at home while at the same time making it a humorous and inspirational learning session.”

Cynthia Krause, Regional Operations Director,
Promedica Physicians Group 

“A great ability to relate to our people in terms they can understand. His message that we, not someone else, control virtually all the choices we make every day is one that motivates and gives confidence to us all.”

 ----- Dave Brown former C.E.O.