Strategies for emotional coping with serious illness, loss and stress.

Strategies for emotional coping with serious illness, loss and stress.Strategies for emotional coping with serious illness, loss and stress.Strategies for emotional coping with serious illness, loss and stress.

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Dr. Scott Sheperd talking about stress and rekindling your heart.

Potential Audiences

Potential Audiences

Potential Audiences

Here is a short clip of a talk I did

Health Care

I have spoken to health care professionals including physicians, nurses, physical therapists and more. I have also spoken to patients and family members dealing with Cancer, AIDS, and other life threatening or chronic illnesses. 



I have spoken to professionals in Education including teachers, administrators, support staff, coaches and volunteers. I have also talked to parents and kids around issues of stress, bullying, self-esteem and personal responsibility.


I have spoken to many types of business groups especially concerning stress and personal power,  


I have a PhD in Counseling and I have learned much in almost 50 years of working with  people coping with Cancer and AIDS and other serious illnesses as well as people who have lost loved ones through illness, and violence and people dealing with alcohol and drug issues.

I bring humor, a down to earth approach to my topics and specific ideas that people can use. If you need a speaker on these topics please feel free to contact me to talk about specifics.

If you're looking for materials to read or listen to, I have published quite a few books on these topics that people have found helpful. As a musician I have composed music for some of my teaching projects such as "Why Crawl When You Can Soar", "The Power of Hope." 

I'm not saying that I am going to save you, but I will give you ideas that can help you emotionally cope with whatever you are facing.

My prices are incredibly reasonable and trust me, you'll get some laughs even while you're learning how to cope with tough stuff. Feel free to write me at  and I will get back to you very quickly. Under the video heading at the top of the page (click "more" first) there is a short clip of me speaking to a group about stress. 



Potential Audiences

Potential Audiences

Endorsements - Business 

"Scott has spoken on behalf of The Cincinnati Insurance Companies on more than 60 occasions. Each and every time he's left our employees and agents feeling more in touch with themselves and with a greater sense of optimism and hope. He's got a wonderful blend of humor, reality and sensitivity that fits every audience. Not only is he entertaining, his message has staying power." J.F.Scherer, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Cincinnati Insurance  

A great ability to relate to our people in terms they can understand. His message that we, not someone else, control virtually all the choices we make every day is one that motivates and gives confidence to us all. Dave Brown, C.E.O. Owens-Corning Corporation

A presentation that both top executives and front line people can relate to. With humor and real-life examples, Dr. Sheperd points out everyday, common sense strategies to minimize the negative effects of difficult situations. Jo Coulson, Vice President, Dean of Capital Management College, First University, First Union Bank

Absolutely the best speaker of his type we've heard. Mary Ann Knapke, Ohio Society of Association Executives

Outstanding rating - lived up to his billing. Geoff Coy, Bernard Haldane & Associates

Based on conference feedback forms, Dr. Sheperd was the highest rated speaker in the history of our annual conferences. Daniel Dwyer, Program Manager, Michigan Dept. of Corrections

Outstanding presentation - Fantastic feedback from participants - I have heard many "motivational speakers" over the years, but never have I been so captivated. A perfect presenter for our group. Marilyn Bilotti, Vice President, First Union National Bank, Capital Management Group

Scott was extremely entertaining, was able to deliver a message everyone related to, and did it with a sense of humor that kept everyone laughing. Carol Pybus, Ford Customer Service Division

Your ability to tell a story by painting images in participants minds helps to not only deliver the moral of the story, but also assists in retaining the image for future use. David Groves, Ph.D. Vice President, Corporate Health Management, Comerica Bank

Endorsements - Education 

Scott Sheperd is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I know when it comes to human interactions and what it takes to be successful in today's workplace. Steve Grafton, Executive Director, Alumni Association, University of Michigan 

The points he made apply to every staff member in the district from bus driver, to teacher to cook. Many folks have told us he is the best speaker that we have ever had, and some of these folks have been here for quite a few years. Peggy McClain, Director of Curriculum, North Canton City Schools

Every school in the country could benefit from your message. Richard F. Odell, Former President, Interlochen Arts Academy

The biggest impact on staff in eight years of retreat experiences. Ed Baker, Head of School, West Nottingham Academy

Thank you so much for giving us what everybody needs - courage to do what is good and right. With gratitude. The Montessori School staff, Wilton CT 

Heavy Hitter speaker (highest rating) four consecutive years at Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) regional conferences, national institutes, and workshops 

So many people have made a point to tell me how much they got out of your work with us. Helen Kweskin, Dean of Faculty, King & Low-Heywood Thomas School

The session in stress management for music education was a giant success. Paul Stanifer, Assistant Director, Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association

I have recommended you as a speaker for other independent school groups. Linda Phelps, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools

Endorsements - Health 

Very thought provoking with humor - wonderful - inspirational and funny. Women's Health Day - Firelands Community Hospital

Excellent Programs -

 You definitely helped many of us put things into perspective. Penny Bartosh, Alpena General Hospital

Just what we were looking for. Great audience contact even after making the same presentation four times in a row. Kathryn R. Diggs, Management Development Specialist, William Beaumont Hospital

Your "spirit" added much to our afternoon and was just what was needed! Your message left an imprint. Dianne Farabi, Executive Director, Ohio Orthotics and Prosthetics Association, Inc.

I would certainly recommend you to anyone who needs a funny, wise, sensitive motivational speaker. Sue Lin Andres, Speaker Liaison, Michigan Hospice Nursing Association 

The evaluations demonstrated that the Directors of Nursing in Long Term Care Facilities needed to hear exactly what you had to offer. Lois Karshuk, Corresponding Secretary - Ohio Directors of Nursing Association / Long Term Care

I have heard nothing but rave reviews from all who attended. Linda Manley RN, EMS Coordinator, Children's Hospital, Columbus, Ohio


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