Public Television Series

Dr. Sheperd did a six part series for Public Television. These are the audio recordings of the approximately half hour talks. The sessions are

  1. Don’t Manage Your Stress which focuses on the importance of understanding what we are talking about when we talk about stress.
  2. Finding the Magic which focuses on just that, finding the magic in being alive. If all you look for is trouble that’s all you will see. This isn’t about being naive and pretending there is no trouble in the world but rather acknowledging that there is trouble but there is also beauty and support.
  3. Surviving With Spirit which is designed for people dealing with serious illness or injury. This comes out of Dr. Sheperd’s many years of working in a hospital with people dealing with cancer, AIDS, and other serious illnesses.
  4. Coping With Loss which is obviously designed to help people who have suffered the loss of loved ones or perhaps important other things in their lives. Again, this comes from Dr. Sheperd’s many years of helping people who have lost loved ones.
  5. Young People and Self Esteem is designed to help young people and their parents look at the issues of self esteem and what it really means. It’s important to know the difference between being honest about your weaknesses and trashing yourself as being a loser. It’s also important to know the difference between knowing your strengths and bragging about them.
  6. Parents and Self Esteem is designed to help parents look at how they define their own worth and how they can help their children develop a strong sense of their worth.
  7. Each session is $5. If you purchase all 6 at once its only $15. Go to the shop to purchase today!