Do you need a speaker?

Dr. Sheperd has spoken to business groups, health care organizations and schools around the country and out of the country. He has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people over the last 40 years. He did a six part series for Public Television focusing on the issues he most talks about. Stress is probably what Dr. Sheperd is asked to talk about most. He has a different way of looking at it than a lot of speakers. In fact he was featured on Penn and Teller’s TV show Bullshit! debunking some of the ways we look at stress. He usually calls his presentation, “Don’t Manage Your Stress - Rekindle Your Heart.” He also can talk about coping with things such as loss, serious illness, and substance abuse. He also speaks about learning how to rediscover your own personal power and how not to give it away to other people and/or situations.

He brings humor, a down-to-earth approach to his topics. His presentations aren’t just a rah rah approach. He has specific ideas that people can use to help themselves. He’s not saying that he is going to save you, but he will give you ideas that can help you rediscover your own strengths.

His prices are incredibly reasonable and trust me that you’ll get some laughs even while you’re learning how to cope with the tough stuff. Please email at scott@rekindleyourheart.com or call (314) 825-2543.

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Here is a short video of me doing a presentation.