Is Life Driving You Crazy??? (eBook)

Why Don’t You Take the Keys Back? It’s Your Car!!!!

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If you say that someone or something or life itself is driving you crazy, you’re suggesting that you are sitting in a car and you have given the keys to another person or situation or life itself and they are driving you around. And unfortunately for you they are driving you to crazyville. That is the thinking of victims. And if you think like a victim you behave like a victim.

Dr. Sheperd’s latest digital book “Is Life Driving You Crazy??? Why Don’t You Take The Keys Back? It’s Your Car!!!” is designed to help you rethink what stress is and isn’t, learn how to use your personal power more effectively, believe that you can rekindle your heart even when it feels defeated and develop strategies that will help you survive crises that arise in your life. He taps into the wisdom of Victor Frankl, psychiatrist, Holocaust survivor and author of “Man’s Search for Meaning, and James Stockdale, one of the longest held prisoners in the Vietnam War to point out that helpessness and hopelessness are not two different words for the same thing. Helplessness is a fact of existence. There are many things we have no control over. Hopelessness is an attitude, a state of mind. Both Frankl and Stockdale showed that though they were helpless as to the state of their existence for a few years, their attitudes showed that they didn’t buy into the concept that things were hopeless.

Dr. Sheperd has close to 50 years experience working with people dealing with all types of crises including chronic and terminal illnesses such as Cancer, AIDS, MS, as well as substance abuse, losing loved ones to illness and murder and suicide and of course the everyday difficult issues in life. He has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people on these issues, did a six part series for Public Television, and has had seven books published.

Praise for Is Life Driving You Crazy???
“Dr. Sheperd’s ebook is as refreshing as it is insightful and helpful. His words of wisdom are just the “salve” we need in these difficult times.” Cynthia Krause, B.A., M.Ed., LPC, MBA

“Scott Sheperd’s new book takes us on a fun, fast-paced read filled with insights, ideas and life lessons to help us address our own daily situations and crises. He is a master at presenting the reader with tough self-examination questions but at the same time readers will enjoy and laugh at his stories dealing with real people facing life. If you are “stuck” and are looking for ideas to deal with stress and life’s challenges, I highly recommend this book.
As Scott says…’Look at your world with ‘new eyes’.” Mike Rohan- Vietnam Veteran

“To me this is a great book on taking control of your life. The message as shown by Admrial Stockdale that you might not have control of a situation but you can always come through it is very powerful.” Terry Taryle

Praise for Dr. Sheperd as a speaker
“Every time Dr. Sheperd has spoken to our employees, he has left them feeling more in touch with themselves and with a greater sense of optimism and hope.” J.F. Scherer, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Cincinnati Insurance.

“Absolutely the best speaker of his type we’ve heard.” Mary Ann Knapke, Ohio Society of Association Executives.

“Scott Sheperd is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I know when it comes to human interactions.” Steve Grafton, Executive Director Alumni Association, University of Michigan.

Praise for Who’s In Charge - Attacking the Stress Myth
“A wealth of tips and techniques for making the most of emotional inner power abound in this positive and highly recommended self-help guide to better mental health.” Midwest Book Review