Is life driving you crazy? why don’t you take the keys back?? (eBook)

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Is Life Driving You Crazy??? Why Don’t You Take the Keys Back? It’s Your Car!!! PDF 416 KB

How many times have you heard people say that so and so is making them so mad, or that such and such a situation has driven them into the ground or that life itself is driving them crazy. It’s common. We think like victims. We think stress is something that exists like a roof. “I’m under a lot of stress.” We’re waiting for good things to happen so we can feel better. “As soon as I win the lotto things will be good.”

Dr. Scott Sheperd thinks this way of thinking where we give the power in life to other people and events is messed up and keeps in a victim/reactive mode for our entire lives. Using stories from Victor Frankl, a psychiatrist and a Holocaust survivor and James Stockdale, a long held POW in Vietnam, as well as his own experiences that cover about 50 years working with people dealing with both everyday life problems and really big ones like having a child murdered or dealing with Cancer and AIDS and substance abuse, Dr. Sheperd challenges the way most of us think about stress and personal power. He also encourages us to challenge what we believe and become better at rekindling our heart rather than focusing on just “managing our stress.” He points out that helplessness and hopelessness are not just different words for the same thing and the quicker we understand that, the quicker we take charge of our lives.

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