Original Compositions - Jazz/Classical

Colored Sky


This is a CD of light jazz, ballads, blues and bossa novas for which I wrote the music and lyrics. Feyza Eren is the singer and Steve Davis is on drums. I am on piano.

Feyza Eren was born and raised in St.Louis. She just returned to the States after spending 15 years in Istanbul as a jazz singer. She has performed at the Istanbul, Ankara, Akbank and many other jazz festivals in Turkey. She sang with the Ricky Ford Orchestra at the “Val de Jazz” festival in France and at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Club in Paris.

Steve Davis - Drummer has performed with David Liebman, Bill Evans, John Pattitucci, Benny Golson and many other top artists. In addition to his extensive touring throughout Europe and North America, Steve served on the faculty of Jamey Aebersold Jazz Clinics from 1982-2008 and served on the faculty of the Berlin Conservatory of Music as professor of jazz studies in 2000 and 2001. Steve is currently on the faculty at Washington University. 

 Scott Sheperd - Pianist/Composer has been playing in jazz groups since the 1960’s. He writes both classical and jazz pieces. He recently had one of his pieces “The Power of Hope” choreographed and performed in Kampala, Uganda. He also had a musical produced on stage in Toledo, Ohio called “The Journey.” 

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Why Crawl When You Can Soar

This is a discussion with 15 original pieces by me on exploring the choices you make in your life. The underlying theme is that even if you don't have the choice you want doesn't mean you don't have any choices at all.


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Power of Hope

This was choreographed by French choreographer Valerie Miquel and performed in Kampala, Uganda in 2011 and 2013 by her company. It explores how you keep hope alive when everything seems to be falling apart. It was inspired by the people in Darfur.